We Went To The Grampians For An Epic Weekend

When you hear the words The Grampians, you immediately think, the best nature Melbourne/Victoria has to offer. Now this name is becoming synonymous with good music. The Grampians Music Festival put on an absolute feast for the ears and eyes. The drive up is blissfull from Melbourne and on entering the festival you are treated to a mountain range that is an escape for the mind, body and soul. As you approach the ground you begin to hear the luscious melodies from the bands, the smells of the food trucks and more importantly seeing the smiles of all the incredible people that were there, which were many!

The community that has gathered for the festival is a mixture of local punters, Melbourne travellers and people from all neck of the woods that all have one big fat smile on their face. With a bright and sunny weekend, this retreat was truly a treat. These were our favourite moments from the festival:


We’ve never seen these guys perform but have been long fans of theirs since their debut records. Their stage presence is unlike anyone else who performed, they just rocked it with their incredible melodies and Memphis’s beautiful voice. Performing in such nature can only be likened to the Garden of Eden that heavily influenced the vibe created by each band, as they incorporated the sounds of nature into their sets to give a blissful infinite summer feeling.

2) The People & Community

Everyone who attended The Grampians Festival had such big smiles to match the big mountain range that provided the backdrop for the weekend. Share a beer, dance or chat with anyone at the festival, you can tell this festival is built for the community. The lifestyle aspect of the festival is immaculate as you have the entire Grampians at your feet to consume you. The Gin cocktails, teepee huts and roaming bus brewery had everyone dancing. There was a moment where you truly just didn’t want to have to say goodbye to everyone when the festival came to an end, but there is always next year.

3) The Polish Club

For a music festival, it seems only appropriate to talk about the music and the guys from The Polish Club rocked it, just plain and simple. From their cover of Savage Garden to their belters like Divided, Gimme Money and Come Party – the crowd was heaving. The energy Novak and John-Henry brought to the stage were electric, but this was no ordinary gig it was also Novak’s birthday and what better way to spend it than with a bunch of incredible people in the Grampians.

You will know where to find us each & every year in February, it will always be front and centre at The Grampians Music Festival.


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