Running Back’s Top 3 Releases in 12 months

Gerd Janson is a respected producer, DJ and label boss. Known for years as a “DJs DJ”, Gerd recently broke into the upper echelon of popular DJs within his niche. Accredited to the fact is undoubtedly his skill selecting music before a crowd, but also attributing to his success is his ability to select music for release on his imprint Running Back, which he’s been curating for over 15 years. Today word has let slip that Gerd is coming back to Australia for two large-scale events based in Melbourne and Sydney. So what better time than flick through his label’s catalogue a little?  We’ve narrowed that 15 year spectrum down to the past twelve months. What are our favourite Running Back releases in the past year? Read on to find out…

The Division by Krystal Klear (04/2018)

A hit record, soaring synths, something a little slower and something a bit quicker. This release is about as Running Back as it gets. Gerd Janson’s sets almost single handily helped this release get to where it is today. Not to take anything away from the track itself, but if you’ve heard Gerd play in the past 12 months you’ve most likely also heard Neutron Dance get a spin – and it always get a great response. In fact, he’s such a fan of the track that he remixed it himself which was later released on Parlophone UK.

Playground by KiNK (11/2017)

Saying a bad word about KiNK’s work is next to impossible. The animated live specialist and producer extraordinaire has been wowing audiences since his first release over ten years ago – and his most recent solo work is no different. It should come to no surprise that Gerd took an keen interest in KiNK, and now he can claim to have signed two of the Bulgarians biggest releases (the second being Cloud Generator).

Emulators by Fort Romeau (09/2017)

The creative genius of Fort Romeau is undeniable, even though the titles for this particular release may state otherwise. The computerised sounds of ‘Emulators’ features records Emu through to Emu IV and attest to Fort Romeau’s rapid rise to becoming one of most exciting producers on the planet. The second appearance to Running Back for Fort, you can probably count on this becoming a bit of a trend.

Often testing unreleased records on his audience, if you’d like to catch Gerd in either Melbourne or Sydney alongside DJ Koze and Charlotte de Witte, check the dates below.

Tour Dates:

Thursday 27th September: smalltown at B3 (Etihad Stadium), Melbourne

Saturday 29th September: Moments Like This festival, Sydney


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