Millú’s Ten Tracks To Listen To Before Freedom Time Winter

Millú weaves a brave lineage between techno, electro, and their derivatives, combining contemporary starkness with the industrial palette of bygone cold wave eras. Think smoke machines and bodies moving in the dark and you’re getting close. We asked her what are the 10 tracks we should listen to before she plays at Freedom Time Winter and this is what she came back to us with.

T.P.O – Hiroshi’s Dub (Joe Claussell Dance Track Life Version)

Prep yourself for what’s sure to be a wild, wild ride in the Butter Sessions tent come nightfall – the wizard himself Joe Claussell turning his magic. This one is an outrageous dancefloor moment, released in ‘98 on Disorient. Prepare to be hypnotised.

Dip In The Pool – On Retinae (West Version)

Dreamy Japanese duo Dip In The Pool will be gracing the Music From Memory stage, playing a live set of ethereal minimal pop and fourth-world haze. On Retinae was originally released on an LP of the same name in 1989, and the group maintained somewhat of a cult following ever since. Thankfully the Music From Memory family picked it up for a 12” reissue and we can now welcome Dip In The Pool to Australia for the very first time.

An-I – Kino I (Dub)

This one’s for the darker hours – a manic machine-driven journey thanks to An-i (Berlin based former New Yorker, Doug Lee). Released on Cititrax, a sub-label of the talented Veronica Vasicka’s Minimal Wave. Where Minimal Wave focuses on revisiting lost and forgotten synth and wave from the 1980s, Cititrax is committed to showcasing newer material in the same tone. Vasicka will be descending upon the Wax’o Dystopio terror-dome on the 30th. Buckle up!

In Trance 95 – Brazilia

…and another we have Vasicka to thank for. This is taken from one of my favourite Minimal Wave releases, Cities Of Steel And Neon from Greek producers In Trance 95. The release is compiled of unreleased material recorded in the late 80s, as well as both tracks from the group’s first single – Desire To Desire / Brazilia. Both are huge and well a listen to get you into that coldwave mood.

Cale Sexton – Unsure Everything (feat. Samuel J Davison)

Melbourne’s Cale Sexton is a master of the analogue – perfecting both droning ambiance and acidic hard-hitters. This one, featuring Samuel J Davison on the alto sax, sits somewhere in between, chugging along in a mesmeric state of bliss. Don’t miss Cale taking the helm at the Butter Sessions stage – this one’s for the heads.

Kuniyuki – Acid Air

Kuniyuki! Need I say more? No stranger to the land down under, ridiculously lucky to have the man himself back in the country for Freedom Time. He’s playing a live set that’s certain to take you on quite the journey. If you’re not familiar, hop to it.

Sui Zhen – Hanging On

One of Melbourne’s finest musical genius’ – Sui Zhen (aka Becky Freeman) reinterprets pop music as we know it. She’ll be playing alongside Dip In The Pool (the likes of whom her

music makes frequent nods) on the Music From Memory stage, bringing her pastel palette and surreal alter-ego ‘Susan’ to life.

Dopplereffekt – Infophysix

My all time favourite Dopplereffekt track (though I admit it’s hard to choose just one), and though in some ways it’s got a more summery air to it than some of their darker cold-cuts, I couldn’t not include it here. It’s a perfect brew of calculated electro and wistful, airy melodies. Come dance with me in the Wax’o tent for Dopplereffekt – it’s going to be absolutely ‘uge.

Turner Street Sound – With The Lot (Sleep D Hydro Version)

Local dubbed out heat from Turner Street Sound, reworked by the Butter Sessions dons themselves, Sleep D. The whole EP (Bunsens Vol.1) is incredible – floaty, rhythmic dub and breaks from Rory McPike (Rings Around Saturn) and Ryan Hunter (Midnight Tenderness). Catch them on the Butter Sessions stage.

Fia Fell – Caju

Bliss out to this one from Melbourne’s Fia Fell as she takes you on a hazy ride through organic soundscapes. This one was released last year on an all-Australian compilation that couldn’t be more fit for inclusion on this list – a collaboration between Butter Sessions and Michael Kucyk of Noise In My Head, ‘Domestic Documents 2’. The record features tracks from Cale Sexton & Sleep D, Hotrod and Ewan Jansen to name a few.

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