Forward Fashion Fusion – Kansai Yamamoto

Before we say anything, watch this video and you will understand why we cannot get over Kansai Yamamoto.

HIs designs take you into an ultra-modern Japanese cyber-world; leaving you hypnotised by colour, shapes and illusion. They are the ultimate combination of art, design and even music; Bowie and L.Gaga are amongst several iconic artists who have appreciated Yamoto’s masterpieces throughout the decades.

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So yes these pieces are not exactly ‘street wear’ worthy –  stares and glares can be expected. But, these designs are not simply clothes; they are transformations of patterns, materials, and culture into stories of fashion and wonder.

Which is why we are so excited to see the outcome of his most recent endeavour; the Middle East. Designs centred around reds and yellows, constructed from weaves and heavy cloths. We have no doubt that he will put together a truly beautiful collection that will allow us to feel the silks and taste the spices of the Middle East.

So you may not see yourself wearing these clothes, but that doesn’t mean you cannot admire the true creativity that has been put into them. Yakamoto is undoubtedly a true fashion genius.


The About Blank Team.



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