Finnebassen Describes Emotions Through His Music

With his nu-disco sounds and feel good tracks Finnebassen is one of the most exciting artists to come out of Norway in recent memory. We were lucky enough to catch up with the producer on his recent Australian tour to ask him a couple of questions….

Your bio says that your musical domain lies within ‘dirty melancholic house music.’ What track in your opinion is the perfect example of that descriptor?
Well, that bio was written when I thought I had to put my music in some sort of box. I guess it’s a half-truth. My music is at times very melancholic. It’s who I am as a person. I like emotional sad melodies.

Some people don’t like sad music because it makes them sad. I find it completely insane that a piece of music can alter my state of mind and make me get in touch with strong emotions. I guess that is what I try to do with my music. I guess a good track to describe that feeling is a track I made that’s a free download on SoundCloud called “Vi Nå”

We understand that you love playing the guitar and even incorporate a lot of that into your productions, which artist do you rate as a massive influence on your guitar playing? Or better yet, if you could ask any guitar player to join you for a studio session who would you choose?
There have been a few massive influences. Mark Knoplfer is very big. Noel Gallagher was my first sort of idol but my playing doesn’t really reflect that. I’d say John Mayer is a big one. Johnny Lang. Derek Trucks. Joe Bonamassa. There Are many good ones.

If I could learn from one guy it would be Derek Trucks. No one plays like him. He is a slide player, which means he plays with a bottleneck and not his fingers, but that allows him to really express different notes. He can tell a story with a solo. But if I was to jam with one it would be John Mayer. He is incredible at both playing solos and providing rhythm for others.

You are no stranger to Australian shores, what about your Australian visits do you always look forward to the most?
I love the people in Australia! They are always so friendly. The food scene is amazing. And I have a bunch of friends that I always look forward to seeing.


Wow what can i say! Thank you Melbourne for yet another fantastic experience. A special Thanks to the The Petting Zoo for having me!
But Im not done yet! I wouldnt be an Australia Tour without a show at one of my favourite clubs in the world Revolver Upstairs! Im playing before my mate Cristoph! Im doing the 12-2 set so Get down early! Bonzer mate!!


Do you have any new/exciting releases coming up that you can tell us about?
I have a remix For Edu Imbernons label… Eklektich

What will you remember the most about 2017 when you look back at it in 20 years time?
The year I made Sanguine.

Written By: Sterling Cooper 


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