Esther Silex’s Top 3 Tracks In 2018

Born in Germany’s western most dance music capital, Esther Silex from Cologne is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Aligning herself within the more melodic and experimental realm of modern house music, both her mixing and her original compositions quickly caught the attention of Stockholm record label Studio Barnhus run by artists Kornél Kovács, Axel Bowman and Petter Nordkvist, and in turn saw her release her first EP with them in 2016, ‘Pachamama’. It encompasses all thing beautifully simplistic chord progressions, enchanting vocal samples, and minimal percussive phrases.

Heading to Australia for the first time this summer, Esther Silex had a chance to walk us through her top 3 releases of 2018, before playing her Melbourne festival debut at Let Them Eat Cake on January 1st.

1. ‘Nasty Woman’ by Valesuchi & Matias Aguayo 

It features one of the most political, personal and spiritual speeches that I have ever listened to. A speech in which the author speaks up about all the injustice happening during these times. Cómeme’s darlings Matias Aguayo & Valesuchi found the right beat to match the vocals and have created a dance floor bomb. I play it as much as possible, the message desperately needs to be spread! We need to say what we think and address the problems in today’s society, let’s start the change!

2. ‘Abusey Junction/We Out Here – Kokoroko’ 

Kokoroko is a collective of London-based musicians following the afro-beat call. It is actually a song written by a guy called Oscar Jerome in Gambia. West-African roots meet London’s buzz. It has carried me all through the year, guiding my highs and lows. It is my most played track of the year, I’ve been discovering every single little sound and diving into its thrillingly smooth depth. I just love it!

3. ‘Untravel – Rival Consoles’ 

Rival Consoles productions have always fascinated me, this one especially is atmospheric to the max and guided me through many dark nights, many plane flights and train rides through Germany’s often grey skies. Check out the video as well, it’s incredible. I got completely lost into the sometimes haunting, then uplifting, then dazed sounds and pictures. 

Catch Esther Silex at Let Them Eat Cake 2019.

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