The 3 Very Best Records From Ejeca

A budding producer from a young age, Ejeca (aka Garry McCartney) has been creating tracks since the beginning of the new millennium, reaching across genres and never sticking to one for too long. What started out as a house/disco affair, has now seen him transition to a deeper house and techno production with more recent records. With such an eclectic mix of styles under his producer-belt, this has shown itself in his mixing repertoire, allowing him to dig deep amongst a variety of electronic music types and emerge every time with quality selections. The same can be said for the choice of releases on his label Exploris, adding record label boss to his growing resume. Read on to listen to three times Ejeca showed us how he truly is a man of many talents…

1. Jalek (Original Mix) – Ejeca

Released in December 2014, Jalek emerged just as the culmination of years of hard work had begun to gain the recognition it was long over-due for. The release of Jalek in 2014 continued off the back of a building wave of success from the recognition of two prior tracks in 2012 by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1. It quickly became a popular dancefloor anthem, seeing success in a number of British nightclubs, and with its clean beat sitting underneath a catchy, melodic tune, it’s not hard to see why. However barely basking in the success of Jalek, it wasn’t long before Ejeca had already begun to shift his style away from deep house towards a heavier house and techno sound… but you can’t name Ejeca’s three most prominent records without giving Jalek the mention its reputation undeniably deserves.

2. Chris Hanna – Meat Factory (EJECA Remix)

Ejeca’s 2016 remix of Chris Hanna’s Meat Factory, released in October that year, proves he really can produce across all genres. It’s a massive leap from the distinctive deep house melodies of Jalek, and its banging techno beat from the onset makes that pretty clear. However, it doesn’t go to too dark a place, with a hypnotizing layer of synths (with some very sharp high-hats), balancing out the heavier beat. This remix truly is a work of art, rightfully earning the name Ejeca a spot within the world of techno.

3. Trance 2 – Trance Wax

In 2017, Ejeca formed the alias Trance Wax, and has since released three EPs on a label of the same name. Trance 2 is an homage to the sound of Ejeca that is Trance Wax. This is definitely a headphones track. The haunting reverb of vocals travel from your left ear to your right, and back again, brought together by a super slinky bassline. Just as you think the record has reached full elemental capacity, he throws in an unexpected drop that somehow fits perfectly, keeping you on your toes the entire 7 minutes 15 seconds of listening.

With such an unparalleled catalog of electronic musical styles, witnessing an Ejeca set is something you go into not knowing what to expect, making the experience all the more exciting. If you’d like to see for yourself the extensive offering Ejeca is serving up, check out his upcoming tour dates below:

Tour Dates:

Friday 5th:  Geisha Perth

Sat 6th: Chinese Laundry, Sydney

Thurs 11th: Electric Rush, Queenstown

Sat 13th:  Living Room Festival, Melbourne as




Written By: Isabelle Winkler


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