Watch: Edith Uncovers The Layers Between Love & Loss

Edith is a quiet and beautifully filmed movie about aging and loss. Through the juxtaposition of bleak imagery and flashbacks, we feel the loss of Jake’s wife Edith, and the grieving that comes with it. There is a haunting elegiac mood throughout; the melancholic music, the imagery of the shattering of glass, and the desolate snowy countryside depict Jake’s emotional pain and void.

Whilst this movie is only 13 minutes long, you feel viscerally the grieving that takes place in aloneness and memory, and this is put in sharp relief, by Jake’s rejection of the well-intentioned advances of a friend. You also feel the inexorable passing of time, past and present.

Tender, sad, affecting; this is a movie to be watched over and over again to uncover its layers of subtlety and nuances, and the tension between love and inevitably, loss.”

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Written By: Sarah Ong


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