Edd Fisher keeping PBS afloat

There are many currents swirling through the stories and sounds at PBS 106.7 FM – Melbourne’s community radio station dedicated to championing local, specialist and underrepresented music. To this day, PBS remains a totally independent, non-profit community radio station, and are heavily reliant on listener support to stay cheerfully afloat. So, from May 16 to 29, we’re calling on all listeners to Take the Plunge and sign up to the station so PBS can keep riding the radio waves with presenters like Edd Fisher. By signing up or renewing your membership, you’ll be in the running for a bucket load of prizes, including a brand new ride away, classic red Vespa PX 150 scooter, a Maton 70th anniversary series semi-acoustic guitar, a lovingly restored Thorens turntable and a whole lot more!

Call PBS on 03 8415 1067 or sign up online here to join the PBS community and Take The Plunge.

Hey Edd, how did you first become involved with PBS?
I was approached by CC Disco who formerly worked back of house in the office at PBS to put a show proposal together. After some fill in spots and 9 months of presenting in the graveyard spot I was moved to daytime radio!EddwaterAnd did you expect your show to be still going strong and what has been the most magical moment that you’ve had??
I didn’t know what to expect when I started, I was very diligent with my show and worked very hard on the material I presented. I guess that paid off in the early days as it has become an easier and more streamlined experience preparing for shows these days. Its humbling that my show has been kept on air and I can’t thank the regular listeners and supporters enough. The most magical moments are when you get messages from across the world from people you’ve never met listening to your show and enjoying themselves.

If you could choose the best 10 records you’ve played on PBS, what would it be (will make it a PBS top 10 chart)?
In no particular order some all time Tomorrowland favourites:

  1. Bill Loko – Nen Lambo
  2. Born – Visible Love
  3. Shadow – Let’s Make It Up (7″ version)
  4. Patterson Twins – Disco Dream
  5. Black Rascals – Keeping My Mind
  6. Tabu Ley – Hafi Deo
  7. Aaron Broomfield – I’m Gonna miss you
  8. Minako Yoshida – Town
  9. Sade – Surrender Your Love (Kenny Larkin Remix)
  10. Carmen – Throw Down

With all the guests that have come through the PBS doors from Nicolas Jaar to San Soda and Dj Prequel, who did you personally find the most exciting and why? 
It’s hard to pick one guest above the rest as there has been such variety some favourites include regular guest Alex Dimitriades, San Soda, Norio, Rahaan, Moopie, Jamie Bennett, Keb Darge, Wax’o Paradiso . . maybe one that stands out is Fettburger b2b Sotofett b2b Mr Ties. That was a very special show. I don’t think I said more than a couple of words, just sat back and let them do their thing. It was a mad house in the studio that day.

By remaining a totally independent, non-profit community radio station, what has been the most advantageous part about it? 
Total creative freedom to play what ever music you would like and to present it in your own style without an agenda!Edd & San SodaFor anyone else out there wanting to start their own show, what would be the best advice you have for them?
I’d suggest becoming a member of the community first and foremost by subscribing to the station.

  • Be active at the stations events or start volunteering.
  • Do the announcer course. It is a must it will help you in finding your voice and developing the sound of your show as well as learning the ins and outs of broadcasting.

Have a clear musical direction (at least for the start) and spending time knowing where there are gaps in the stations programming. If there are already 4 shows playing Hip Hop on one station you’d have to do something pretty special to stand out when you apply for another Hip Hop show.





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