Doorly’s Top 5 Internet Videos To Waste Time With

Doorly is easily one of the easiest going characters working the global DJ circuit today. he loves a good time, and the name of his new label, Reptile Dysfunction, is a sure tell sign that the producer/DJ keeps his finger on the dank internet meme pulse. Ahead of his Australian tour, we asked the Ibiza Rocks resident to give us his top 5 internet videos to waste some time with….

1. A baby monkey going backwards on a pig


  1. This entire playlist! Adult swim – Off the air is actually genius

  1. Walking around Tokyo backwards


  1. Dogs who fail at being dogs

  1. Ben Klock being boiled

Tour Dates

Thursday 11th January: Electric Rush, Queensland NZ
Friday 12th January: Collude, Auckland
Saturday 20th January: Sooki Lounge, Melbourne
Sunday 21st January: Penny Black, Melbourne
Friday 26th January: MV Catalina pres a very special Australia Day with Doorly, Noosa QLD
Friday 26th January: Doorly Down Under Australia Day Special (Afterparty), Noosa QLD
Saturday 27th January: Electric Gardens Festival, Sydney
Saturday 27th January: Elrow, Perth


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