This Is Cuartero’s Top 3 Releases

Cuartero is about to show face on Australian and NZ soil for the first time, so to prepare ourselves and you, our dear readers, we digitally flicked through all of his records and picked our three favourites.

On a steady rise since he first started releasing music in 2009, Cuartero’s skill as a tech house producer is flawless. His ability to consistently release records of the highest degree is as unquestionably reliable as your Nan’s cooking on Christmas Day.

At just about the ten-year mark, Cuartero has released over 20 records to some of the most respected labels in the game, and often on more than one occasion. The list of labels includes Jamie Jones and Lee Foss’ Hot Creations, Saved Records, Matthias Tanzmann’s Moon Harbour Recordings and Desolat.

When looking back it’s a hard task to pick three EPs, but we think you’ll be happy with the result…

1) Dioneli EP – Hot Creations (2015)

Dioneli was Cuarteo’s first release on Hot Creations (the first of three). The EP hosts four tracks and exhibits a perfect example of how to combine techno and house. A lot of the time when writing tech-house, producers will lean heavily towards the house side of the spectrum, but not Cuartero. His essence is in the heavy thud of the kick and the repetitive synthesiser hooks.

2) Nosy Neighbors – Desolat (2017)

Nosy Neighbors is a strong contender for his number 1 release, depending on who you ask. Once again this EP is full of bangers. The bouncing bassline of title track ‘Nosy Neighbors’ and slamming keys in ‘Multiverso’ would have been enough to seal the deal, but add the acid drenched ‘Painting My Town’ and ‘What Put The Bomp’ and you’ve got a full-fledged release for the record books. Bravo Sir Cuartero bravo.

3) Moon Crash – Hot Creations (2018)

Moon Crash comes as the latest offering from Cuartero. His third release on Hot Creations, the three-track EP sports two originals and one remix from Sneak & Tripmastaz. The EP really showcases Cuartero’s growth as a producer but still sticks to his signature sound. It’s masterfully tight and features countless unique sounds fills and as Hot Creations put it the originals are “Two high-paced, underground rollers [designed] to energise and hypnotise”.

Cuartero is in Australia and New Zealand mid-may, check the dates below.

Tour Dates
Friday 18th May: Revolver, Melbourne
Saturday 19th May: The Burdekin, Sydney
Sunday 20th May: Electric Rush, Queenstown


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