What An Artist Admits Is His Inspiration

Connor is the new moniker from Darcy Thornycroft (formerly known as Female) whose textured songwriting and atmospheric production draw influences from a range of artistic backgrounds. Darcy grew up in the serene country landscape of Daylesford, Australia. He found music early in his life exploring art in the form of photography, design and music.

Around You is the debut single from Connor featuring German vocalist Krue. The pair found creative solace after connecting online in late 2016, behind every record are the inspirations, this was theirs.

Musical Influences:
I’ve always been very influenced by the soft and somber sounds of Galimatias. His production is moving, elegant and incredibly unique. I appreciate his sound very much for I feel he isn’t trying to follow a genre, a certain sound or slot into a particular scene – he just makes music! And for a number of times I’ve listened to his content, I’m yet to get sick of it.

Atu’s sound fits in well with my style. He writes what he feels, and you can hear that. His incredible ability to convey emotion through music is something I truly admire and will always strive to generate within my own creations.

 Design/Artistic Influences:

My favourite artist and by far the most influential to me would be Samuel Burgess Johnson. I’ve been enjoying his pieces every since he hooked up with Ta-Ku a few years ago, and have enjoyed watching his style evolve but still keep the signature look I love.

I especially like his floral pieces, no one else from what I’ve seen can take something so simple subject and turn it into a truly beautiful still life. His work definitely influenced the creation of my artwork for my latest single Around You ft. Krue.

Xuebing DU is a photographer/designer who has recently come into my scope. I found this girl on Instagram around a month or so ago. She is based out of San Fransisco and is doing some really cool stuff lately. I love her ability to tone, colour and change the look of a subject that could otherwise seem quite dull. 

I think Ta-Ku, especially now more than ever, has always had a large influence on me as a creative. Not only his ability to take amazing photos and further process them and achieve amazing tones and colour – but to capture the emotion from the subject. I love how he focuses strongly on people as a subject for they have so much to tell. 

Another influence includes Dennis Ritter. The biggest talent this guy has, and why I love following his work so much is because his images tell stories.

They are not over thought or over processed – they just feel real! This is an art that can be lost these days with the capabilities of post processing, but to capture an image in the moment, the first time; there’s nothing more special.

Buy/Stream the song here: fanlink.to/AroundYou


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