Welcome To The World Of Clarian On Balance Music

We recently got introduced to the strange yet alluring world of Canada’s Clarian. Since that introduction, we have not stopped listening to the idiosyncratic producer’s debut album (which dropped in February on Australian label Balance Music). Equal parts melancholy and bliss, the album might just go down as one of 2018’s sleeper hits.

The first single taken from the album was the hazy ‘Under the Gun’. It came with a splendidly eerie video featuring the singer crooning over the backdrop of restaurant customers uncomfortably playing with their food before battling toy clowns. Yup. We didn’t call it David Lynchian for nothing…

The second single from the album is the track the album is named after, ‘Television Days’. Yet again, it’s a woozy number. The sort of track you want to hear straight after you have taken a hit of opium. It also comes with a remix package featuring a host of stars. Guy J and Tim Engelhardt both turn in the sort of dancefloor-friendly remixes which you probably will hear on your local dancefloor very soon.

However, It is Melbourne legends Danny Bonnici and Phil K who turns in the pick of the bunch for us. The duo is well known as two of Australia’s most industrious dance music figures. Phil K is one of the planet’s most technically gifted DJ’s, regularly being tapped by Pioneer for his take on their new technology. Danny Bonnici travelled the world as part of Nubreed, the early 00’s breaks outfit responsible for the club hit ‘One Day’.

Together they are Analog Stars, and they have turned Clarian’s original into a funk-friendly mutant. Still retro-sounding, they upped the ante of the original by beefing up the drums and layering some playful effects all over the original’s template.

We approve. Have a listen above.


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