Claptone Celebrates 1 Million FB followers With Aussie tour

The masked crusader Claptone, has truly established himself as one of the most popular acts on the planet. And to re-iterate this point, he recently crashed over 1 000 000 FB likes. That is correct. ONE MILLION. That is astounding. And what better way to celebrate than giveaway 1 million Claptone masks to his loyal fanbase. No for real, that is exactly what he has done. What a legend.

And to celebrate even further, he has just released the latest edition of his highly popular Claptone podcast series. And boy o boy, it’s tasty. With tracks from Adam Port, Camelphat, Riva Starr and more, this one is filled with the sort of gear that makes you spend 24 hours inside a club. It’s pretty electrifying.

And if you thought that was enough celebrations, think again, the man will also be heading to Australia very soon for what will be a pretty comprehensive tour. So yeah, you can start celebrating again. Check the dates below while you listen to the latest Clapcast…

Tour Dates

Friday 17th November: Metro City, Perth
Saturday 18th November: Harbour Life Festival, Sydney
Sunday 19th November: Room For A Pony, Hobart
Thursday 23rd November: Electric Rush, Queenstown
Friday 24th November: The Met, Brisbane
Saturday 25th November: Grapevine, Rochford Winery
Saturday 25th November: Masquerade Party @ Riva, Melbourne Sunday 26th November: Bohemian Beat Freaks, Byron Bay


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