Boiler Room Is Coming To Pitch Music Festival

Melbourne’s most notorious boutique dance music festival Pitch Music & Arts have just announced an upcoming collaboration with Boiler Room at the upcoming 4-day Festival. As the 3rd year of the annual Pitch Music & Arts Festival, this collaboration surely warrants the impending 2019 event the most successful so far, allowing the world to witness the soiree first hand.

The broadcast, which will take place on Friday the 8th of March, will feature a carefully selected array of artists such as locals Merve, Toni Yotzi and Andy Garvey, and international artist Optimo and Roman Flügel making excellent candidates for this collaborative debut. Running from 7:30pm-12:30am, catch Pitch in all it’s uniqueness via Boiler Rooms stream, or witness the magic in person from Friday 8th – Tuesday 11th of March.

Check out the full lineup here:


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