After Rocking Piknic Electronik, Bloody Mary Returns to Aus

Bloody Mary is a French-born, Berlin-based DJ, producer, and label owner of DameMusic. She is no stranger to the world of house and techno, having traveled the world as a renowned international DJ for over a decade. After relocating to Berlin in 2005 (and leaving behind her residency at Studio 88 in France), it wasn’t long before Bloody Mary’s DJ career was taken to the international level. Having been to Australia before, we caught up with her to chat about her upcoming return to Piknic Electronik & Babylon Festival.

Hey, Happy New Years! How did you bring in the year 2017?
Hello J My last gig for 2016 was at Tresor Club in Berlin, and I took 3 weeks off at the beginning of January to hit the studio 24/7. I’m currently working on different projects, which I’m looking forward to sharing later in the year.

Welcome back to Australia! Having played at Piknic Electronik in previous years, what were your fondest memories of being in Australia?
It’s so great to be back in this wonderful country! To be honest one of my fondest memories of the last trip was seeing one of the biggest spiders I’ve ever seen!!! J I was lucky enough to get the chance to travel down the Great Ocean Road to the 12 Apostles. It was so big and one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. The landscape and scenery on that drive were breathtaking.

And what are you looking forward to the most about being back to play again at Piknic & Babylon Festival?
The connection I had with the Australian crowd last year was beautiful – it’s something I’ll never forget. I’m looking forward to playing varied and versatile sets at both festivals. Even though both events are outdoors, the settings are completely different, so the music will be too.

Since having started your own vinyl and digital imprint, how have you noticed the rise in love for Vinyl impacting Dame-Music?
When I started my label in 2010, many record stores in Berlin were closing or struggling. Now, 7 years on, one thing I’ve noticed in Berlin especially is that there are more new record stores opening up. I guess social media helped this a lot because more and more artists are back to playing vinyl now, and that’s a beautiful thing.

To take it back to the very beginning to you remember what your first vinyl you ever bought was?
My mum was working at a national radio station in France when I was growing up, so I was already exposed to music from a young age. I was a really big INXS fan – I can’t remember exactly what the first vinyl I ever bought was, but I was listening to a lot of INXS back then.

And which record to this day is one of your most adored? …I know it’s a hard question.
Emmanuel Top – Turkish Bazaar. I bought it when it was released (I have two copies), and still play it in my DJ sets to this day.

Having played all over the world from Panorama Bar to Space Ibiza & Fabric, which club is your personal favourite and why?
I’m very fortunate to travel the whole world with my work and to have the opportunity to play at many amazing festivals and clubs. The crowds are always different – each party has a specific story and energy.

For this reason, I can’t really choose a personal favourite, but I will never forget was the first time I played in Room 1 at Fabric in London. The sound system there is one of the best sound systems I’ve ever played on. I still feel this magic every time I go back and play there.

Lastly, with a plethora of incredible releases last year, what can we expect from an artist like Bloody Mary in 2017?
My first vinyl release for 2017 is scheduled for March 31st, including a remix by Marcel Fengler. In June 2017, we will celebrate the 7 year anniversary of Dame-Music. For the occasion, a V/A vinyl release is scheduled, and I’m really happy to have Boo Williams back on board for that, amongst some other great artists… stay tuned! As well as this, I’m busy touring, so any spare time I have back in Berlin I like to spend in the studio.

Thanks so much for the chat and can’t wait to catch you at Piknic!
Thanks for the great chat and looking forward to March J

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