6 Aussie Artists You Should Really Know

Australian music as come a long way since Banjo Paterson wrote Waltsing Matilda in the year 1895. There is a plethora of incredibly inspiring artist that have either been releasing music independently or on local labels. These are some of the artists we’ve really been digging lately and one’s that should become a 5-bedroom share household name.

1. Panama

This recently released five-track EP is full of Panama richest, most moving work yet. With a blend of both live and electronic sounds and Jarrah McCleary’s confessional songwriting, it’s a result that shows that McCleary is at his most energising.

      2. Golden Vessel

Following the announcement of an East Coast tour commencing on June 29, Golden Vessel today reveals his latest single ‘Shoulders’ featuring Elkkle and MallratGolden Vessel aka Max Byrne explains that “shoulders was built from this wonky synth recording that I had laying around. Most of it was out of key or a bit too weird, but there were a few little seconds of pure gold in there that I really wanted to use, so I tried to build a track around that.”

3. Hemm 

Comprised of Robert Downie and Juice Webster, the Melbourne duo fuse their contrasting musical past-times of folk and psychedelic rock, to produce uncomplicated and cool electronic-pop. Hemm has a knack for intertwining heartfelt, honest lyrics and melodies over experimental beats and production. Their debut single Dearest Friend is the perfect example of their sound. The combination of sensitive lyrics, popping vocals, and warm synth lines draw you in and swallow you whole.

4. Outside The Academy

Anaesthetise is the first of the set of Outside The Academy. Part acoustic, part electronic and wholly minimalistic psychedelic glitch, this playful yet sombre tune encapsulates the producer ’s writing style to date. Anaesthetise was written and produced by Pawel Cholewa and mastered by Steve Tyssen.

5. Sam Buckingham

Australian singer/songwriter Sam Buckingham just released a beautiful album, which has a compelling collection of songs that confront fear, convey heartache, and celebrate adventure, desire and devotion. Buckingham immersed herself in new cultures and varied pursuits including working on a turtle conservation project with Sea Shepherd, learning Spanish and completing formal yoga teacher training in Mexico. She sought local musicians and creative collaborations, as songs were written in hotel rooms, on top of dense jungle mountains and every conceivable place in-between.

6. Ani Lou

The musician is Tasmanian Ani Lou with her debut EP. Scandinavian influenced pop soundscape written about an often debilitating and isolating experience and translating this into something unimposing and melancholic.


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