The Psychedelic Discography of Audiojack

If anyone out there can classify their brand of tech house as “spiritual” it would be Audiojack. Upon listening to the Leeds duo’s work one gets the feeling of depth in comparison to some of their peers and as you’ll soon read, the titles of many of their tracks are perfectly in line with the music.

Incorporating the spiritual style in sets gives power to the DJ, the ability to really take their listeners on a journey and relieve them of the daily stresses of life, something all dance lovers crave, and it’s also something Aussies and New Zealanders are about to get a taste of themselves with a pretty epic 8 show tour in (one of) their sites. So on that note, we’re looking back through the catalogue of Audiojack releases to pick out their trippiest and most immersive numbers. Think Burning Man meets Rainbow Serpent meets Revs, three places where their music has undoubtedly been played.


The highlights of ‘Paradigm’ are the percussion and un-invasive synths, which effortlessly transport you to a better frame of mind. Listening to this record brings clarity and calm, the repetitive rhythm is exactly what the doctor ordered after a long day.


One of their most popular records, the Beatport chart-topping ‘Reverie’ powerfully uses shakers and drums to create the groove it has become so well known for. The word ‘reverie’ translates directly to being in a daydream, and the long outdrawn synths attest to that. To top it off the vocals at 3:05 are a dead giveaway to these guys being a little more detached from The Matrix than most.

PSYCHONAUT (Original Mix)

You can’t write a list of psychedelic music and go past a record called ‘Psychonaut’. If we were going to classify their releases by different entheogen’s, this one would be filed under the ‘ketamine’ section.


On a little bit of a harder tip, this record gives a nod to the electronic feeling of Audiojack’s epic ‘Robot’, a track that blasted the duo onto the scene over a decade ago. With the use of static, vocal slices and a huge dose of spookiness, this is like that bad trip you had that time and now never plan to do psychedelics ever again, or at least until your forget how traumatising it was. FYI the ‘singularity’ is the hypothesis that the invention of artificial superintelligence (ASI) will abruptly trigger runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization. Heavy.

Audiojack’s tour kicks off in a couple of weeks, check dates below to see when the visiting rep Richard Burkinshaw is near you:

Tour Dates
Friday 17th August: Collude, Auckland
Saturday 18th August: Heyday, Wollongong
Saturday 18th August: The Burdekin, Sydney
Sunday 19th August: Revolver (Day), Melbourne
Thursday 23rd August: Electric Rush, Queenstown
Friday 24th August: SPICYMUSIC, Hobart
Saturday 25th August: Old Mates. Noosa
Saturday 25th August: Coco, Brisbane


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