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Art Common is an online platform where artists and art enthusiasts can inspire and explore, respectively. The gallery is designed with the intent for all artists to create long lasting connections within the community sharing and showcasing their works, progression and processes.

The online space is designed as a hub for all things art, with information such as upcoming exhibitions, residencies and all other things art. The idea is brought to life by showcasing a diverse range of art, enabling the artist and consumer to connect on a number of levels. We caught up with the founders of Art Common to understand everything they want to achieve:

Congrats on the launch of Art Common! How did you first know you wanted to launch such an incredible online platform?
Thank you! The idea first came about as all our friends began to move out of home and began filling their walls with generic prints. We have so many friends who are amazing artists, that only have art shows once in a while and have workshops filled with art. We quickly realized that we need to get original art onto people’s walls. The platform came about as we did research and found that the online art market was reasonably untouched in Australia.

Art Common has such a strong focus on supporting local artists, how come you chose to focus local?
The idea came about locally, as we were inspired by our friends. So we thought that every artist, especially emerging artists, deserved to be supported by the community directly around them. The idea of locality really embodies what our online space stands for, we want to initiate a closer bond between buyer and artist. Bringing the Australian art community closer together by creating a space that allows emerging and established artists to showcase, share and inspire each other. This stimulus should begin at a local level, and that is our focus.

Do you think the need for physical galleries are as important as online in today’s age?
We believe physical galleries still have their place in today’s art world, however the reason for their importance has shifted. They are more a space for interaction between consumers and artists, and importantly the manifestation of a physical art community. In regards to buying, people are so comfortable nowadays with online purchases that it was only normal that art would follow, and go online. We are just happy to be a part of this shift.

The need for accessibility is now greater than ever, and an online platform can provide this in a way that is not feasible for a bricks and mortar gallery. We want to bring the local online, and make local art more available for all. We believe that taking the art online will help to promote and inspire a new wave of art collectors, ones that aren’t bound by the traditional ideas of art and collecting it. 

We love the unique and diverse range of your pieces, are you able to tell us about a few artists that you are really excited about?
Thank you, again! We are very proud to have such a broad range of amazing emerging and established artists on the platform, and our aim is to continue to build and grow. We are really excited about all our artists! But here is a snapshot of the talent on our space:

David Cragg is a Sydney based artist. David studied graphic design, he now primarily works in disability as a community social worker/youth worker. He has received mentorship and worked as an assistant for people such as Anthony Lister. David has participated in group shows nationally and overseas, and has completed a diverse range of graphic and mural work.

Aeon – Originally from Melbourne, but always on the move, Aeon’s graffiti career started in the mid-90s where his art could be found on the city’s streets. These days, he’s globally known for painting simplified characters, using a minimal colour palette. These characters have been inspired by people he’s seen on the streets of London, USA, Latin America, Asia, Australia and across Europe. Aeon has just returned from five years on the road travelling. Aeon has now settled back into Melbourne life where he’s painting murals and busy in his studio while collaborating with some of the country’s biggest names in contemporary and street art.

Stephen Jones is a painter from Adelaide, South Australia. Born and raised in Whyalla, he developed an interest in art at an early age. He has always had a burning passion for the arts, having written and produced stage plays back in the 1980s and 1990s when he was part of an amateur theater group.  However, he realized his passion for painting only later on. Stephen calls himself a “free-flow artist”, refusing to be boxed in, describing his work as a “kaleidoscope of forms and designs”. He says he wants to keep trying various non-traditional paint media to create new forms of abstract expressionist art, which he finds highly stimulating, inspiring and fun.

Karyn Fearnside is a mixed-media artist residing in Canberra. She left with first class honors and an Emerging Artist Support Scheme award which resulted in her first solo exhibition, “Stunting” in 1998. From here she exhibited in several group shows, and then, she had children. In 2013 she got her first digital SLR, this camera was the impetus she needed to begin creating again – suddenly she was able to do something that didn’t require much space and she set to work using her immediate surroundings and her computer to create new work.

And what does the rest of 2017 hold for an online gallery like Art Common?
The rest of the year will be dedicated to promoting our artists, sharing their stories and art. We want to be constantly providing people visiting the platform with new content and building an online space that is a part of the changing art world. We will also be putting on pop-up exhibitions with our artists, in Melbourne to begin with, as a way to bring the online community to a physical one. Our aim is to become a hub that people seek out for all things art. A place that provides the community with comprehensive and regular updates on upcoming exhibitions, residences and general happenings of the local art communities.

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