About us

About-Blank is Australia’s up and coming blog leading the underground Music, Art and Design community.

With a humble beginning in Melbourne, About-blank is vastly growing into becoming one of the biggest local music, art and design blogs.

Our goal is to unite all like minded creative individuals into a platform where they can best show case their talent to an appreciative audience. We are about nurturing and growing local underground music art and designers. By sharing our passion for the music, the artists, designers, events and the fans we hope we can play our part in educating the community about local creatives, by providing an independent and credible voice.

So come with us on a journey, as we enable the creative to be heard.


About-Blank is becoming the leader in nurturing and reporting on underground events, artists and creative people. With international coverage of everything music, art and design, about-blank is able to provide unparalleled reach to the valuable, yet highly diverse and hard-to-reach young adult and dance music audiences around the world.

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