The Top 5 Best Moments of Saint Kilda Fest

Trust Melbourne to have a week full of sunny hot days, only to turn windy and cold on the one day of the weekend that has something exciting on. And not just something exciting. Something fun, culture-rich, immersed in music and atmosphere, and best of all, free! The intense wind and chill in the air definitely placed a dampener on an otherwise awesome event.

But aside from that, I enjoyed the bustling streets of St Kilda, closed off for an array of food stalls, buskers, stages and crowds of people laughing, dancing, singing and frolicking among friends.

But what really made this festival great? Well, here are the top 5 best moment about St Kilda Fest 2017:

  1. Multiple stages, Music Variety & Dancing in the Streets 

While quite spread out (I had to slap on my walking shoes), the festival had plenty of stages scattered around the streets of St Kilda. Each stage housed different styles of music – from funky techno tunes, to indie acoustic, to straight up rap – it had it all. Local talent set themselves up like buskers along the streets and gathered audiences who clapped along with enthusiasm. Artists and bands took to stages with their individual flair. Couples danced full-on waltzes and swings complete with twirls and smiles. Teenagers jumped and fist-pumped in mosh pits to local DJ’s. There was something for everyone, a music to light a fire in everyone’s heart, a reason to make anyone smile or dance. Groovy, right?

  1. Kid’s Carnival and Food Trucks

    You’ve always got to have something for families and little kids, and boy did they go all out in that department. Set up like a mini carnival by the sea, the colourful ‘kid’s section’ was a great spot complete with ferris wheel, bouncy castles and a handful of other fun rides. Zorb balls and bike riding tents were also present to keep things interesting. (And let’s be real, you don’t need to be a child to enjoy carnival fun). And to top it off, plenty of scrumptious food trucks dotted around the venue made choosing a meal a difficult (but exciting) task.

  2. 18+ sections

    It’s always nice to escape from the youngsters and find a place to knock back a beer (or twenty). Luckily, the festival had a solely 18+ section with a techno stage where people could boogie; the smell of weed wafting through the air. All you had to do was flash your ID & grab a wristband and you were on your way to the bar, mosh-pit or food stalls housing delicious morsels. The festival’s main stage also offered a separate section for 18+ patrons so you could enjoy the music from the comfort of the bar. Nothing better. (Well, unless if the alcohol was free, I guess that would’ve been better :P).

  3. Retro Lounging and Festival-Vibe Decor 

    There was no shortage of seating, despite the festival being spread out over a vast area. Plenty of grassy patches and hills were the perfect setting to chill out and soak in the vibes. Sections were even set up with retro chairs, mats, pillows and couches to make seating an extra mellow and comforting experience. Nearby these sanctuaries, amidst the chaos, there were also face and glitter painting and braiding tents to enhance the festival vibes. It was great to see people getting themselves involved, no matter how.

  4. Daryl Braithwaite

    Pretty much the sole reason anyone went to the festival, right? Fans flocked to see this Aussie legend take to the stage. Despite being recently ill, the artist did his best to please the crowd and had everyone singing along in awe. As this was most likely to be one of the last times people saw him play, it was an emotional performance. And that’s the way it’s gonna be, little darlin’.

So there you have it, a quick summary of St Kilda Fest 2017. Of course, it was my first year experiencing the festival, so I don’t have much to compare it to. But in my opinion, it was a groovy event made even better by the fact that it was free. If only it had been sunny.

Written By: Annabel Claire


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